Talsi Christian school reconstruction

Talsi Christian school reconstruction

Address: Justīna Grota street 1, Talsi, Talsi Municipality
Total projected area: Total area – 1500 m2; of which newly designed school area – 700 m2
Contractor: SIA „Talsu Kristīgā skola”
Project authors: Ē.Geinbergs, K.Eitcens, A.Grundule
Structural solutions: D.Tjuševs
Engineering system solutions: „MKM Engineering”, „KC Projekti”, „Related A”, „Strautiņi ES”
Time of designing: 2017.
Time of construction: Planned 2018.
Work carried out: Initial research, project design and management.

Project description
Talsi  christian  school  reconstruction  project  objectives  and  guidelines:
  1. Project intention is to increase exsisting number of users of the school, providing students the possibility of studying here from 1. to 9. grade in two parallel classes.
  2. Creating a disabled person – friendly environment, inteding different solutions for students with visual impairments and restricted movement (e.g. wheelchair users) .
  3. Project implementation will help improve school area usage in accordance with modern requirments, also providing an aesthetic look of studying and recreational areas.
  4. Project includes engineering solutions that will: provide necessary microclimate of classrooms and other areas, improve building user safety, modernize school inner communication system.
  5. Improved design of surrounding territory of the school, becoming more pedestrian, cyclist and disabled people friendly.