Commercial, office and warehouse building – Reconstruction

Administrative and warehouse building reconstruction

Address: Ūnijas street 25A, Talsi, Rīga
Total projected area: Total area – 1223 m2
Contractor: SIA „Gultņi”
Project authors: Ē.Geinbergs, K.Eitcens, A.Grundule, H.Nelsons
Structural solutions: D.Tjuševs
Engineering system solutions: „Evolution Road”, „MKM Engineering”, „KC Projekti”, „Enerģija-G”, „MB Designing”, „BIM Projekts”, „Strautiņi ES”
Time of designing: 2017. – 2018.
Time of construction: Planned 2019.
Work carried out: Initial research, project design and management. Construction work author supervision.

Project description
Administrative and warehouse building reconstruction project  objectives  and  guidelines:
  1. In an aim to expand SIA “Gultņi” business, a full reconstruction of existing administrative and warehouse building is planned. In addition, tear down of several existing buildings – construction of new trade hall, office spaces and warehouse area in two storeys.
  2. In accordance with the design objectives provided by the contractor, project includes all necessary engineering solutions, which will provide a safe and comfortable use of this administrative building for employees and clients.
  3. Surrounding territory design in accordance with contractors business nuances and also following guidelines for pedestrian, cyclist, automotive transport accessibility as well as accesible for people with disabilities.